When Mason Industries designed these ND mountings back in 1958, they were the first to have all metal parts covered by neoprene to prevent corrosion and to provide a nonskid surface. The ND was made taller to gain added deflection, rather than using the old technique of bolting two mountings in series. Individual neoprene mountings are available in load ranges from 15 to 4300 pounds per mounting. The BR, RBA, RCA & RDA mountings are captive designs suitable for mobile installations and applications in seismic zones. ML Mountings are used for machinery leveling.

Mason Industries’ Type W pad pioneered waffle designs, and has several advantages over the more common ribbed variety. The waffle design is self-sealing so the pads last longer. The matching pattern on both sides provides for higher capacities in a given rubber hardness. Type W pads are available in cut sizes up to 18” x 36”. The photo shows the 3/4” thick Super “W” modular design, the latest advance. Standard mounts and pads or custom products can be molded in Mason’s own plant utilizing special materials such as nitrile or bridge-bearing AASHO quality neoprene or natural rubber.