The Mercer Rubber Company was started in 1865 and specialized in molded rubber mechanical products, rubber sheeting and conveyor belting. The company began building rubber expansion joints in the early 1930s.

Mason Industries, one of the world’s largest producers of molded rubber expansion joints, acquired the company in 1982. Mercer is managed by professional engineers and the engineering staff is larger than any other similar company.

Hand-built flexible expansion joints for piping and duct work solve problems that cannot be handled by other materials. Rubber is more compliant and resilient than metal, fiberglass or plastic.

The technology behind building shapes for industrial applications has grown. The United States chemical and industrial complex is in the forefront of synthetic rubber for chemical resistance and temperature extremes. Modern reinforcement fabrics and tire cord have completely replaced early designs using cotton and rayon. The end result is a lighter, more flexible, higher pressure and temperature resistant product.