Mason Industries’ designs include the threaded SFU through 2”, the double sphere flanged SFDEJ through 12”, as well as the single sphere SFEJ through 24” diameter. These connectors are not wire reinforced; they are constructed of multiple plies of Kevlar tire cord and EPDM in a manufacturing process very similar to the manufacture of truck tires. This construction enables these connectors to breathe volumetrically and to be rated for maximum elongation so control rods are not necessary. Mason has been involved in intensive testing of these connectors through acoustical firms such as Cerami & Assoc., to verify that they are extremely effective in reducing both noise and vibration at pump impeller frequency (rpm times number of blades).

Mason is believed to be the only firm that has developed this sort of acoustical data. The change to Kevlar, EPDM and captive flanges has virtually eliminated all failures.